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True Spectrum Oil™

Born from RSO,

True Spectrum Oil (TSO) is Blue Sky's take on a staple concentrate known for its potency & cannabinoid content; Rick Simpson Oil

Our goal;

To create an ultra concentrated oil with more clarity & flavor than traditional RSO.

Only the finest

While traditional RSO is made using the entire plant (roots and all), we do things a bit differently. TSO is processed using whole plant input, excluding the roots & plant stock. This method leaves us in the end with everything we want and no residual plant matter.

The difference?

Similar to RSO, TSO is a highly concentrated oil that can be eaten or applied topically. Unlike RSO (which can be dark and unpleasant tasting) TSO's ultra refined consistency yields supreme flavor. TSO can also be vaporized in a pen or a banger like any other concentrate.

The Process

Our True Spectrum Oil is cryo-extracted at ultra low temperatures; which allows us to separate any residual fats & lipids. This is why TSO just tastes so good!

See for yourself!

All TSO is strain specific, cannabinoid & terpene rich, and packaged in high quality ceramic syringes to prevent metal contamination. Hue, color and flavor naturally varies between strains; giving us a beautiful reflection of each individual plant.

How to;

Ways to use TSO


TSO is a fully activated oil, making it perfect as an edible additive. One syringe contains much more cannabinoids than your typical 100/200MG edible; making it a great option for those looking for higher doses.


You can enjoy TSO on its own, infused into your favorite foods, or even dose into capsules for your convenience.

  • When consuming edibles or concentrates for the first time (or the first time in a long time) we advise that you start small and work your way up gradually. 

    A 'beginner dose' can range from 2.5MG - 10MG THC, depending on the individual.


    When dosing your TSO for the first time, we recommend a drop the size of a ballpoint pen tip, or a small grain of rice.


    Before dosing again, allow a few hours to pass for TSO to fully take effect.

    Check out our dosing guide below to better  understand how to dose your homemade edibles!

  • THC% x 10 = MG

    (e.g. 12.3% = 123MG)

    .1 on the syringe = 1/10th of total

    (e.g. 0.1 on syringe = 12.3MG)

  • The best process for dosing edibles with TSO™ is to blend it with a carrier oil prior to mixing it with all the other ingredients. This will ensure a more consistent dosing in the final product.

    Determine desired dosage and divide by the mg of .1(1/10th) on the syringe. 


    e.g. The TSO is 78.9% = 789mg.

    To get 100mg, divide 100 by 78.9 = 1.267 points on the syringe will give you that 100mg. That would also be .1267 grams. 

    e.g. To get 500mg, divide 500 by 78.9 =

    6.34 points on the syringe. aka .634 grams.

  • Always mix TSO with a lotion or carrier oil of your choice when applying topically.


    Your ratio should be 2/3 lotion or oil to 1/3 TSO. This will keep you from getting sticky and ensure an even application!


Applying TSO topically is a great option if you are not interested in the psychoactive effects, or want a more targeted application approach.

Applying TSO topically will not make you high, and can yield benefits to the area it is applied directly to. 

Vaporize or Smoke

Unlike RSO, TSO can be vaporized in any dab rig or dab pen. Vaporizing TSO provides a flavorful smoke and full body cannabinoid rich experience.


Simply treat your TSO like you would any other loose concentrate. Enjoy at your preferred dabbing temperature. We recommend cold starting (put the concentrate in your rig before heating). 


*Note that TSO will not bubble in your rig when it reaches high temps, unlike other concentrates. This is because TSO has already been activated. 

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