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Nanos™ is Blue Sky's ultra-bioavailable THC nanoemulsion; a tincture-like drop made to infuse any food or drinks.


With a nano emulsified product the body no longer needs to digest and process the oil; instead Nanos is absorbed directly upon ingestion, providing quick, accurate

and even dosing. We recommend stacking

smaller doses throughout the day!

Our original Nanos™ is formulated with a broad spectrum, highly refined oil created through molecular distillation in our lab.


While these Nanos™ are not strain specific, they still contain a road range of cannabinoids; yielding more of a cerebral effect than our True Spectrum Nanos™.

Blue Sky’s True Spectrum Nanos™ are an 100% single sourced and strain specific version of our original Nanos™. For ease of use, Indica strains are capped with a dark blue cap, and sativa strains have a light blue cap!


This formula is the most true reflection of the plant, containing a very broad range of cannabinoids and terpene content; providing a full body sensation.

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