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Hyaluronic Acid

Thoughtfully Formulated

When it comes to topicals, the most important factor to us is absorption. We blend our ultra bioavailable Nanos™ with hyaluronic acid to aid with moisture retention. This creates a topical with the ability to penetrate the layers of dermis; allowing absorption to occur closer to nerve endings than most topicals on the market.

Allow 5 - 20 minutes for full effect. Use as needed; we recommend stacking applications through the day for best results. 

Nanos Rollaway 100mg

Nanos Rollaway™

Mini Roller

100 MG of Original Nanos™ blended with hyaluronic acid. Unscented. Small metal roller, perfect for massaging smaller localized areas and hands.

Nanos Rollaway 300mg

Nanos Rollaway™

Large Roller

300 MG of Original Nanos™ blended with hyaluronic acid. Unscented. Large glass roller, great for massaging into joints, muscles, and other larger areas.

Blue Sky TSO

Interested in making your own topical?

Our TSO can also be applied topically!

Blue Sky TSO
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