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Live Sauce Diamonds

Blue Sky Sauce Diamonds are THCa diamonds created from soil grown, whole plant fresh frozen. We cryogenically extract & grow each diamond in it’s own terpenes.

Best for dabbing in a rig or dab pen! Dab at lower temps for optimum flavor.

Blue Sky batter is composed of THCa crystals harmoniously whipped with strain specific terpenes. Being formulated with our proprietary process, you could say that Blue Sky batter is better!  


Best for dabbing in a rig or dab pen; but more versatile than sauce diamonds.

Dab at lower temps for optimum flavor. 


A versatile classic that we never tire of!

Being more malleable than other dabs, shatter can be rolled into a small ball or snake; use to infuse joints or layer in your bowl!


 Like our other concentrates, shatter is also great when vaporized in a rig or dab pen. 


Every plant is one of a kind; resulting in a unique concentrate with every process.

Texture & color variation naturally occurs across different strains & consistencies. 

True to The Plant:

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