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Liquid Diamond

Live Resin™

​A new take on a

classic concentrate.

Processed to preserve

terpenes & cannabinoids

It all

starts with







in high

quality ceramic hardware


Blue Sky Liquid Diamond Live Resin cartridges are the result of years of hard work & dedication; resulting in the safest, smoothest, most flavorful cart we could imagine.


Using proprietary techniques and the utmost care to preserve every terpene, LDLR cartridges stand apart from your typical live resin cart in both flavor and effect.


These cartridges are always 100% single source, whole plant fresh frozen, meaning there are no cuts, additives or distillate. Always packaged in high quality ceramic hardware.


True to the plant in every way.

The same formula as our original Liquid Diamond Live Resin Carts; but in a versatile, easy to dose ceramic syringe.

LDLR Syringes are partially activated; containing THC and non activated THCA. 



Perfect for dabbing in a traditional banger or dab pen of your choice


The same formula as our Liquid Diamond Live Resin carts; but with the ability to vaporize any way you'd like! Dosing your dabs has never been easier, no sticky tools required!


Bring some new life to your old or dry concentrates; just dose in some LDLR with

your syringe & mix.


Say hello to a boost of terpenes & cannabinoids, and make your concentrates last longer!


Give your flower a juicy & flavorful cannabinoid lift by enhancing it with live resin! 


Paint a thin coat on your joint paper using your syringe, or add a line of LDLR to the center before rolling up. To enhance your bowl pack, add some to the center of your bowl or layer with flower.

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