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Stardust™ Star

Blue Sky's own proprietary concentrate; primarily composed of full spectrum, live cannabinoid crystals.

Stardust stands apart from dry diamonds and sugar by having gone through a mechanical process of forcing the terpenes into the crystals, resulting in a dry kinetic sand style consistency.


Smooth and aromatic terpenes make these THCA crystals reminiscent of a whole strain profile. This product was designed to easily infuse any flower product. A little goes a long way!

Stardust™ in joint

Joints & Other Pre-Rolls

Our favorite way to use Stardust™! Add to any pre-roll by blending with your flower beforehand, or sprinkle on top before rolling up.


Need an extra kick of flavor? Try painting your papers with our Liquid Diamond Live Resin™ syringe before adding flower; for a pre-roll that will impress.

How to;

Ways to use Stardust

Stardust™ in banger

Dab or Vaporize

Like any other concentrate, Stardust™ is great for dabbing as well. We recommend vaporizing at a lower temperature than most concentrates to preserve terpene flavor.

For a boost of THC, dip another concentrate into Stardust before dropping into your rig!

Stardust™ in bowl

Bowls & Whole Flower

Sprinkle on top, layer throughout, or blend beforehand to enhance your bowl with extra cannabinoids and terpenes.Your imagination is the limit!

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