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Nanos™ is an ultra-bioavailable THC nanoemulsion made to infuse any food or drinks! 

The nano emulsification of the THC allows for the body to quickly absorb the Nanos and provides accurate and even dosing. Stacking smaller doses throughout the day is recommended and will provide a great experience for the user. Nanos™ is shelf stable and allows the patient to dose to their own needs. Clean cannabis has a new meaning with Nanos™.

In trials for pharmaceutical drugs using nanoemulsion technology, they saw a 5x-7x increase in bioavailability compared to ingesting oil. This is because your body no longer needs to digest and process the oil; instead Nanos is absorbed directly on ingestion!

Best kept refrigerated - Best within 30 days of opening


A new consistency of concentrate from Blue Sky primarily composed of full spectrum, live cannabinoid crystals! Stardust stands apart from dry diamonds and sugar by having gone through a mechanical process of forcing the terpenes into the crystals, resulting in a dry kinetic sand style consistency. The terpenes in the crystal structure tend to be smooth and aromatic, while fully reminiscent of the whole strain profile. This product was designed to infuse high end products such as flower, prerolls, and more!

A little goes a long way!

Nanos Rollaway

Nanos Rollaway is a revolutionary new topical from Blue Sky, formulated with nanoemulsion THC for instant relief! The massage roller contains either 100mg or 300mg of Nanos, mixed with a base solution of multiplexed Hyaluronic acid to improve absorption through all skin layers to the nerve endings! High moisture retention to benefit the skin along with the cannabinoids for relief of whatever ails you!

Liquid Diamond Live Resin™

Ceramic Cartridges


Distillate Ceramic Cartridges

Blue Sky Liquid Diamond Live Resin cartridges are the result of years of work and product development that has brought us to a result we couldn't be happier with. Using proprietary techniques and the utmost care to preserve every terpene, they stand apart from your typical live resin cart in both flavor and effect. 

These cartridges are 100% single source, whole plant fresh frozen, meaning there are no cuts, additives or distillate.

True to the plant in every way.

We also offer distillate cartridges infused with a variety of different terpenes which contain high amounts of THC and hit a more affordable price point.


Along with all of our unique products, we also process for concentrates of all consistency. From batter to diamonds and everything in between, our main focus is always to stay true and pure to the strain extracted and bring the terpenes out to shine. We also collaborate with clean and talented Maine farmers to increase the selection of strains available!

True Spectrum Oil™

Our True Spectrum Oil(TSO) is a new take on the traditional medicine. After refining the oil we are left with a widely usable and very medicinal product with a broad to full spectrum. These RSOs can be vaporized / inhaled or ingested orally, which leads to physical relief more so than your traditional concentrates. The different varieties truly stand apart from each other both in color, taste and effect!

We are honored to bring you this high quality medicine, from partner farms who thoughtfully cultivate with their patients in mind.

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