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Our priority is to provide clean, quality and tested products to our customers while continuing to push the limits of what is possible with cannabis. We operate a C1D1 certified extraction facility and have developed multiple proprietary processes which have led us to products we could once only dream about. All products are thoroughly tested before leaving the lab.

Processing &


Blue Sky strives to provide top tier high terpene, full spectrum, bud-run extraction. We believe the hydrocarbon extraction process handles cannabinoids and terpenes gently, allowing for the best transfer of these properties to capture the essence of the full plant.

Our collaborative services include customized extraction orders, testing and Maine state compliant packaging/labeling of products.


We are always excited to partner with growers that align with our vision to create high quality cannabis products. Including but not limited to: live resin, shatter, batter, diamonds, terpenes, cartridges & distillate. 

Blue Sky Diamonds


You can find Blue Sky products at both medical and recreational stores, spanning across the state of Maine!


Our two stores are located in our hometown of Farmington, Maine; one recreational (21+) and one medical store . At each location we strive to provide the highest quality products available in each market, as well as everything we offer from our lab and grows.


Our recreational storefront carries all of our MOFGA certified clean products; which come from our living soil grow operations. At both stores we always have some exclusive small batch strains, so be sure to check the menus!

About Us

Since we began in 2018, Blue Sky's core mission has been to provide the absolute purest flower & extracted products for Maine's growers, patients, & conscious consumers. 

Blue Sky is owned by a team of two dedicated friends who are local farmers. Both having grown up in the Farmington area, owners Chad Crandall and Jake Daku care about every last detail. They are heavily involved in both the design and construction of Blue Sky's professional lab & equipment, and grow operations.


All of our dedicated staff work hard to provide clean, quality & innovative products on a consistent basis.

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