Clean & Quality

Blue Sky is owned by a team of two, dedicated, trained friends who are local farmers passionate about providing the purest extracted products for Maine’s growers. Chad and Jake believe that building a strong brand requires collaboration and dialogue with local growers. Chad Crandall oversees the grow operations. He has extensive experience as a strain cultivator with expertise in RSO, CBD/THC blends, THC distillate, and other oil-based products and concentrates. Jake Daku oversees extraction processes, quality control, and diagnostics. He has a deep skill set with quality closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction, terpene preservation, and additional methodologies. Jake has expertise with engineering management, assurance verification, testing, and quality control and is the creator of the entire lab process. Chad & Jake have invested heavily in the design and construction of Blue Sky’s professional laboratory, extraction equipment and top notch professional team to provide consistent, clean cannabis and quality extraction products to assist Maine’s growers in building their brands.

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